20s&40s&50s, Different Style, Different Look

Today, we get to see a plethora of stylish women outfits ranging from casual evening gowns to high-waisted bikinis. In terms of fashion, ladies were not as free in the 90s as they are in the current times. Fashion has evolved to a great extent. Nowadays, women have plenty of outfit options to choose from. But nothing beats the beauty of the traditional vintage outfit. Perhaps, that's why the fashion industry has brought back the vintage outfits. Be it 20's loose-fitting and flapper dresses or the 40s' A-line skirts with high-waist tops; ladies seem to love the vintage look. If you are a trend-lover, you would have probably tried creating the traditional look. Well, here's all you need to know about the 1920s, the '40s, and 50's women fashion. Let's learn more about creating the spectacular vintage look with the perfect outfit.

1920's Style and Look

1920's fashion for women was pretty simple yet wonderful. The non-flapper dresses involved a loose top and a long asymmetrical-shaped skirt (which would either touch the knee or hang below the same). However, these skirts would neither touch the ankle nor hang above the knees. Accompanied by a slash and thin belt across the waistline, the 1920s beaded blouse with large collars was super popular. Today, women are often seen following the 20s clothing trend. They put on a loose-fitting top and the matching skirt fastened with a sash belt or a gold chain. For those who love to wear sporty dresses and are looking for some vintage options, pullover knit vest and a chunky cardigan sweater can make a perfect outfit.

1940's and 1950's Women Fashion

Women clothing trend in the 1940s was based on an hourglass silhouette that would feature masculine details. There wasn't much evolution in terms of women outfits; however, the high waist tops paired with A-line skirts seemed more stylish than the 20's asymmetrical skirts. As said above, the main focus of the women was to create an hourglass silhouette. Even if a woman did not have an hourglass-shaped body, she would wear clothes which helped her achieve that look. The simple yet interesting vintage accessories such as hats, handbags, jewelry, and gloves completed their look.

The 1950s brought a great revolution in women's life. Women became more independent. Due to certain regulations post-war, women outfit was limited to a slim and straight silhouette. Pants, shirtdresses, suits, and other long skirts were considered comfortable and ideal outfits for girls.

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