Dress Style Your Stars and Stripes

The 1950s were an era when fashion exploded in new colors, directions, and unique silhouettes. People refer to this as the iconic fashionable decade which has spurned the revival of vintage retro fashion which includes rockabilly clothing and Pins Up.

When did the Game Change?

In the year 1947, the famous iconic brand Christian Dior was seen turning fashion upside down with the New Feminine look. This new look was bold, significant, and entirely feminine. Dress skirts with padded busts were incorporated in order to accentuate a slim and small waist. This look is an inspiration for the era of the Victorians, which was made shorter and modest.
Most of the women of the era were encouraged to fulfill their respective roles of a mother, wife, or a homemaker by being beautiful. There are usually two distinct classic shapes of 1950s dresses, the most popular being the one with the full skirt and tea-length dress known as a 50s swing dress. Another look was the sheath dress which was form-fitting, often known today as the wiggle or pencil dress.  
Both of these styles had a snug-fitting and modest tops having narrow high waistlines along with tea-length and shin-length skirts. These styles were equally worn by women, although the sheath one was way too impractical to be worn as a housedress.

How Vital was the American Flag Style Statement?

Apparels with American flag were worn as a style statement in the 1950s era. You are allowed to wear the dress on Independence Day and be one with the patriotic self in you. Until and unless a piece of cloth is made from a real United States flag, there is no breach of the flag etiquette. There is a different kind of clothes which were popular with the American flag style. These include long dresses, knee-length dresses, a full and mid-length skirt, tea-length dress, and so on.  
The usual printing on the American dress is polka dots, floral design, and lace design, and so on. Some of the other famous prints were border prints, gingham, sailor themes, and pastels, which brings back women to the old joys of childhood. Most of the retro-inspired 50s dresses today aim to embrace the colorful and youthful designs. The American flag dress can be styled with dresses, skirts, gowns that flaunt the flag design in the chicest manner.
The 1950s era was a fashionable era which sported not only feminine designs but also the American flag statement like never before.

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