How to Create 1940s hairstyles?

If you are a fan of vintage clothing or if you want to attend the coming Oktoberfest and you have your 40’s clothes sorted, great. However, your clothes aren’t the only thing that needs to be sorted. Your hairstyle should match your clothes too, right? If you are still confused, here are some simple ways you can style your hair and rock the 1940’s look.

What Was The Trend Back Then?

Sleek and shiny hair that girl adores these days wasn’t in back then, it was all rolls and volume. There was no concept of messy anything; hair was styled to immutable buns, packed to perfection, not even one hair went astray.  Here’s how you can achieve the trend back then.


First thing’s first, you need the volume. So, take out those rollers and get to work. The best option to go with is the hot roller one; they tend to make your curls less frizzy as well as make the whole thing go pretty fast.

Beware, don’t brush the curls too much or they will separate, you don’t want that. Brush them out lightly with a wide-tooth comb. You will need a hairspray handy to keep the curls in their place, avoid using moose or gel.

Pin Them Up:

Once you are done with your curls, lay them on your favorable side and start with the pins or clips. These will give your hair the wavy texture. Add the pins where ever you want the texture and let it rest. Apply spray to keep them in their place. 15 to half an hour is enough for the pins to create the texture. Take the pins our when you are ready to leave the house.

Bonus Tip:

Before setting the hair with pins, make sure you have combed and laid them down in perfect position. As you won’t be able to do it once the texture is set.
These elaborated waves were a huge part of $0’s era, so much so that celebrities were rarely seen with any other hairstyle. The look is still pretty famous at vintage themed weddings, Halloween or Oktoberfest. You can also pin these curls up in a ponytail or even in a chic bun; the volume and texture are enough to let people know you are favoring the 40’s trend.

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