1920-1960s: What Changes Have Been Made in the Dressing Style of Women?

Women’s fashion has gone through many ups and downs over the years.
the most prominent wardrobe updates started in the 1920s. It was not only about the women and their dressing, but instead, the American culture was also affected by the state of war.
It was a decisive decade for the women, as they were empowered to vote. It was the era of the Harlem Renaissance as well as the tremendous middle-class affluence.
1920s-1960s were probably the most critically influential era for the women and their dressing style. 

A Sneak Peek Into 1920s 

Women said their goodbyes to the Gibson Girl appearance.
A more casual sense of dressing was on the verge of rising. The dresses were changed to more flapper look with a bit of young look.
The reason behind – World War I. A women liberation movement came into being, American youth was rebellious and the middle class was getting richer by the day. All of these factors combined caused havoc for the social norms of the 1920s. 

1920s Appearance

Before 1920, women used to wear short hair that was most of the time curled.
The hairstyles started to become lengthier. Women now started parting their hair from the center or sideways. Fashionable accessories such as cloche hat, bracelets, long strings of pearl and feathered headbands came into play. Dresses were now shorter. It was also the era in which cocktail dresses were introduced in fashion.
Flapper dress was another famous addition to 1920s. If there was one dress that could describe the fashion ways of the 1920s, that is a flapper dress.
Fashion reached new heights, women’s attitude was more practical due to the war situation and the perception of women towards many things have changed since the 1920s. 

Mod Fashion Trend of the 1960s

It's no wonder that slim lines along with the birth of hemlines still looks stylish in the 20s. They were originated in the 1960s.

One of the biggest influences on the women of 1960s was Jackie Kennedy.
Yes, that’s right!  
She inspired women to an extent that almost every single lady wanted to copy her style, her elegance, and her gait.
Two of the major fashion influencers of that era were; the iconic Aubrey Hepburn because of her Breakfast at Tiffany’s look and pixie look of Twiggy which mostly included cigarette pants and cropped haircuts.

1960s Dressing

It was the time when women started expressing themselves through their wardrobe. They started focusing on the practical way of life.
The late 1960s saw women wearing loose clothes made of tie-dye fabrics. Vietnam War led this fashion change in women. Clothing was a major part of women in that era.
High boots and leopard prints were now adored by the women. People saw fashion as a way of freeing themselves from the norms of society at that time. A variety of fashion trends such as the hippie movement was a message, heard clear by the society to free themselves from the shackles of narrow mindedness.

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