Flapper Dresses - Buy Your-self a Vintage Art Deco Dress

Flapper dresses had all the hype in the 1920’s. A beautiful girl dressed up in a gorgeous and sparkly mid-length dress with fringes was a sight no to miss!

Fringes were the ‘IT’ thing about the 1920s. The fashion of that year was gushing in with dresses which included little or lots of fringes and sparkles on the hemlines. And in the midst of these were the glamorous flapper dresses worn by women going to the parties and stealing the show right then and there.

You can buy many vintages styled flappers dresses online or on-site but you need to know the accessories that go with it and complete the outfit. A flapper dress was mostly accompanied by long double triple beady and pearly necklaces, a small colored fan in the hands to carry with a   sense of nobility, black lace gloves, and fancy headbands.

How were Flapper Dresses in the 20’s?

Young girls with a thin figure and middle-aged women with a lean body enjoyed wearing flapper dresses in the twenties. A flapper dress is a mid-length or knee-length dress with low cut fringes on the hem. It can be sleeveless or short-sleeved.
Unlike the dresses from today, flapper dresses were rather loosely shaped and hardly gave out the shape of the body. Although the waistline could be accentuated with the help of a belt tied around the flapper dress. 
The original flapper dress did not have a deep neck since it wasn’t appropriate back then and neither was exposing a lot of skin. But some flapper dresses exposed little of the back area which was usually

Covered With A Silk Shawl Or Teather Boa.

To stay true to the authentic and actual flapper dress, don’t fall into buying the later version which was modified in the 1950’s and 70’s to modernize it. When you go out to buy a vintage art deco dress make sure it is made from a light fabric such as silk or chiffon and the dress itself is loose.
You don’t need to buy a high standard fancy flapper dress, you can just settle for a plain one as long as it has fringes on it. Jazz it up with glamorous jewelry and accessories which will add more volume to your outfit.
Plus your hair and makeup will help you a lot in completing the look so stay close to hairdos and make up looks inspired by the 1920’s makeup trends. 

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