Rockabilly Dress ——Everything you Need to Know About

Rockabilly style is all about giving that final touch-up to your overall appearance to up the glamour.
It emphasizes in bringing out the feminine side of the look with the last few touches such as perfecting the immaculate hairstyle and makeup. Rockabilly dressing is as important to your look as a retro clothing style.
If you are a fashionista and are looking to insert rockabilly into your clothing then we are happy to tell you that, you are at the right place!

A little about Rockabilly 

Before moving into the wonders, you can pull off by applying the rockabilly style, let’s rewind and look upon the history of this style.
Rockabilly movement started back in the 1950s. The name comes from a merge between rock n roll and Hillbilly music, that is otherwise named as Country Music.
It was rising since the start of 1950 and well went into the 60s but soon lost its magic when disco made its way into the heart of dancers. 

How to Wear Rockabilly Dress?

Even if the majority of the people started losing their touch for it, there were a few who still enjoyed wearing it.
To this very day, rockabilly fashion has made it through with figure-flattering dresses that have bright colors and patterns. 

1.50s Swing Skirt 

Rockabilly was all about swinging like there’s no tomorrow.
Wear a flowy skirt that you can swing around freely and dance your night away. Whether it is with your friends or a special dance at night. It is time to amaze everyone with your rockabilly style. It focuses on your movement and a full-flowy skirt should be the first dress in your Rockabilly wardrobe. 

2.Full Skirt 

Another great way you can turn the heads as you walk in the room is to wear a full skirt that has nipped in waist. To further add in the color, wear a full petticoat that exhibits rock n roll style
Also, A sleek pencil style skirt that runs just below the knee could do the trick for you as well. It will give you the sophisticated look that men just can’t resist. 

3.Colors and Patterns 

While you are trying to make the rockabilly dresses work, make sure that you pick out the best ones.
How to do that? Try going for dresses that have plain colors that give a bold statement, injecting rockabilly essence to it. Polka dots are a good option for highlighting your figure more than just fabric. Fishnet stockings on top of that will set things right. 

4.Rockabilly Hairstyle & Accessories 

The hairstyle is as important for this particular look as any part of your attire. You’ve got a number of options to choose from; a perfectly rolled hair with a string of attractive pearls and a striking red lipstick is the way to do it. Ballerina pumps or toe heels will complete the look for you.
Rockabilly dressing is more about blending in your look as well as achieving it, so grab a round-necked cardigan and layer up the rockabilly fashion.

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