1940s Dress Openwork Mesh Stitching Dress

Who could have ever thought that the 1940s were very fashionable? The 1940’s openwork mesh stitching dress is the best example you can ever get of what fashion was like back in the 1940s.
It is modern, classy and extremely trendy even today. The black dress has a see-through of the shoulder with a concealed zipper at the back. The zipper helps people in wearing and taking off the dress easily without any hassle.

The dress is short in length and is likely to reach the knee only. Black is the color that signifies darkness, elegance, sophistication, formality, and exclusiveness in the fashion industry. People who love black would know what a black dress means to them.

The long sleeves black dress makes it suitable for any sort of event like cocktail parties, wedding parties, Halloween, prom might, formal occasions or even a simple get together at a night club. If you own this black dress then you are ready to conquer the world.

However, the material used to create the dress is polyester, therefore, avoid ironing it with a very hot iron. Moreover, it is advised that the dress should be hand washed rather than washing it in the washing machine. Avoid soaking the dress in the water for a long period of time as the cloth is fragile and excessive exposure to washing detergents can damage the dress permanently.

The bow on the neck gives off a very nice finishing to the neckline. You no longer have to wear chunky necklaces with this dress. A black stiletto should be a perfect combination as it can help you in completing your look. What else you would expect as a fashion?
The dress is extremely beautiful and it can look more appealing if you pair it up with a striking red lip color. Red and black together make a lethal combination after all. The dress is a quite amazing thing as it’s a preference for many wardrobes around.

It is also available in 5 different sizes that include small, medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large. It is better to place an order of the size that can fit you perfectly or is nearest your measurements. An ill-fitted dress is every girl’s nightmare especially if the dress is to be worn on a very special day. A nice gold or plain black stud with curls or beach waves is the look you have been dreaming of. 

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