1950 Dress Polka Dot Vintage Style Slip Dress

Polka dots were quite in trend back in the 1950s and who would not want to visit the same era again. Fashion keeps on changing and evolving and it often brings back the trends that were common and trendy way back in the past.

Polka dot dresses can never be out of fashion as it gives off a very sweet look whenever it is worn on a particular occasion.

The tone of the dress is gorgeous and perfect for any season or event. It can be worn on a vintage themed party that represents the classy era of the 1950’s. The most striking feature about the dress is its unique, delicate and intricate neckline that can be used for a chunky necklace.

The dress has a zip at the back that makes it easier for people to take it off easily. If you are already done with your hairdo then slipping into this dress is not a problem for you because the zipper at the back makes it extremely easy.

The dress is available in yellow and light blue color. Yellow is a welcoming color and it automatically has an impact on the viewer that you can be approached and can be involved in a conversation.
The spaghetti strap makes the dress look beautiful and delicate and fragile body. Similarly, the light blue color also looks aesthetically appealing especially if the dress is worn in summers. Light pastel and cool colors should always be your first option.

The material used to make the dress is cotton which can be worn in any season. It can be ironed and taken care of easily as compared to a silk dress.
Cotton is the most comfortable and easy to wear you can come across especially during hot and humid weather or season like summers. It is designed specifically for casual parties and the fitting of the dress is perfect for slim and smart people. It will make your curves look appealing as the dress stick perfectly to your body.

Five different sizes are available in this dress that includes small, medium, large, extra-large and double extra-large size. This means that the dress can be worn by anyone, provided that you have the same measurements. The measurements of the dress are in centimeters so make sure you take your measurements before you place your order. A white stiletto or a wedge is the perfect shoe that you can wear with it.

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