Vintage Gifts For Friends

These retro gift ideas are perfect for the friend who was born in the wrong era.

There are plenty of options for a friend of yesteryear. For the retro fan and photography buff, for instance, there are instant filter camera lenses, vintage film-saving gadgets, and retro camera USBs. For the gamer, you can opt for something like retro timber gaming options or vintage gamer desk lights.

Then there's the fashionista. If you have a pal that prefers to dress like he/she is from a different decade (be it the 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s), you can gift them with a cute accessory from their preferred time period. Think archival rounded sunglasses, retro binder iPad protectors and retro radio purses. All of these retro gift ideas are sure to get the nostalgia flowing!

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