Ways to Dress Vintage in Winter

Are you passionate about vintage dress fashion? Do you enjoy wearing aesthetically-pleasing clothes without giving the impression of wearing a costume? Well, then you must have come across the concern regarding dressing vintage in winter. When the other half of the year approaches, a layer of snow blankets the grounds, and the atmosphere envelopes our bodies into an icy chill. In such circumstances, one is unable to dress vintage without ending up with chattering teeth and blue nails. But, does that mean a stop to the vintage clothing ritual for the entire winters? Certainly, not!
Well, if you hold similar views, then read further to unravel 8-awesome ways to dress vintage in winter. Dive in!

1. Get over those coats!  

By signifying class, status, and fashion sense, coats have been an integral part of the English attire since medieval times. And one cannot deny its over-powering influence upon the rest of the world. But analyzing the long twisted history of the rather sophisticated and styled garment, it comes almost naturally to the common intelligence that it’s time for a change. Or at the very least, a break. Isn’t it?

For that reason, one of the most iconic changes that you can bring to your vintage dress this winter is the addition of a shawl, cape, fur stole, or perhaps, a jacket. Imagine getting dressed in beige and carrying a dark-colored velvet or wool shawl around your shoulders and making your way gracefully to your destination. Sounds delicate and elegant. Doesn’t it? That’s exactly the kind of change you need!

If you’ve got that old-school spirit and happen to be very obsessed with your classic English coats, then you can ever wear plushy fur stoles, a shawl of coordinating design and color, or even a cape with it. Just make sure the fabric, design, and color come in harmony with the coat.

2. Time to Rock with Pants

Vintage dress fashion has always comprised of skirts and dresses. However, with the weather too cold, one can maintain the aesthetics of the outfit with pants too. Search for some vintage-style prints and select a matching one for your top. You can try out the outstanding plaid pants or high-waist pants for a start. Apart from giving your attire a rather daunting look, these pants protect your legs against the harsh cold.

3. What about Leggings?

Shivering legs and a malfunctioned walk - That’s perhaps, the most common issue faced by all the ladies out there in winters. And in attempts to tackle the issue, girls often tend to end up with a wacky, odd attire. But the modern solutions of Vintage dress fashion declares that it’s time to call an end to the suffering. If you’re wondering how exactly, then wonder no more. For your answer is none other than most overt and obvious, The Leggings.
Yes, you read that right. The solution was that simple. But still, never occurred to you. Did it now?
Initially introduced in the 1960s, leggings are leg coverings by definition. Today, there exist several different types of leggings, with varying designs and colors. You can find calf-length leggings to footed leggings or even jeggings. Similarly, they’re available in leather, cotton, wool, and whatnot. As they mainly get used as innerwear, their vintage-style prints or cuts do not matter as much. For a vintage dress, however, you can preferably opt for sequin, leather, or wool material

4. Try Fur Boots

Wearing vintage boots is a good alternative to the much skin-exposing sandals and shoes. But the usage of these boots becomes useless when the light material lets the cold creep in too. Remember, not all vintage boots are best for winter dressings. Instead, choose fur boots that have an inner fur lining. At times, these boots have a fur lining on the exterior, which makes them much warmer. It doesn’t matter whether the fur is real or faux, as long as it keeps your feet warm and your attire vintage. For better insulation, consider wearing thick winter socks and then boots. You can also try thermal fleece-lined boots.

5. Layer Yourself!

As the tales of hikers and mountaineers deliver, one of the best ways to combat chilly winds from making icy attacks at your already cold body is to layer the body with multiple coats. And the surprising part is, layering conforms to one of the standards of a vintage dress. Imagine wearing a polo neck with a classic English coat atop and a woolen scarf around your neck. Sounds classy. Doesn’t it? Even more, to complete your vintage dress fashion, you can go for comfortable stretchy jeggings, with plaited pants atop, along with some heavy winter boots!

6. Don’t Forget the Hats

Believe it or not, but vintage-style hats look exceptional while protecting your head from cold. Also, if you cover yourself and leave your head open, you will feel cold anyway. So, it’s better to enhance your attire as well as increase warmth by wearing hats. There are several vintage-style prints available in hats, such as beret hats and pillbox hats.

7. Embrace Elegance with Long Gloves

Remember the 1950 glove etiquette? A compulsory garment that represented your status, and more importantly, your fashion sense. Well, we can’t deny the lady-like look it brought and how incredibly elegant it was. Not to forget the equivalent amount of warmth that they bring. For that reason, including long gloves manufactured from thick fabric, always seems a good idea!

8. Consider wearing Ear Muffs

The earmuffs have always been an interesting way of warming up while maintaining the attire’s aesthetics. If you want to avoid wearing hats, then you can try out some vintage-style ear muffs. Try opting for pastel colors and furry war muffs. For a colorful look, choose floral vintage-style prints and make your vintage dress.

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