What is Modern Retro Style?

Whatever we call retro is automatically a thing of high fashion in this age. Everyone is going around looking for outfits and accessories which have a very pleasingly aesthetic look to them. Someone who doesn't want to opt for an authentic retro vintage dress style goes for a modern retro style. The term Modern Retro Style is being used to differentiate between the decade of padded shoulders and beehive hairstyles from composed and serene looks of the sixties and seventies.

The age of the 80s was a time of revolution in the fashion industry and for the designers of that time. England was the hub of fashion and was dominated by various topnotch fashion brands such as McColl, GMW, Fitch, and Saunders. The high street vintage dress fashion also got revolutionized with new trends taking over the old ones. The significant influences of those times consisted of American futurist Syd Meade, Ettore Sotsass, and the Memphis group.
The modern retro style takes its fashion and aesthetics influences from the recent decades, starting from the late 70s and through the 1990s. Scroll down to find some of the modern retro vintage dress style outfits inspo for this year:

#1: Vintage Petticoat Style

Petticoats have made a massive comeback with the arrival of modern retro style. This piece of clothing can be your perfect party outfit. All you need to do is pair it with cool footwear such as elegant heels or shimmery sandals. Wrap your hair in a beautiful hairdo to add elegance to your style. Wear a little makeup with glossy lips, and you are all set to go outside.

#2: Black and White Vintage Dress Fashion

The trend of black and white is timeless, and it adds a stunning aesthetic look to your vintage dress modern retro style outfit. Black fitting top tucked in black and white high waist fitting plaid pants looks magnificent. Wearing shiny black pointed toe heels with this outfit can add massive perfection to your style. Wave your hair and set them with the helping of setting spray. Make your eyes prominent by wearing lots of eyeliner and mascara. Your lips should look cherry red for an exotic modern retro style look.

#3: Skirt and Shirt Vintage Dress

Skirt paired with a dress shirt is as cool as anything.  For this vintage dress fashion retro look, you need a simple but stylish plaid skirt and a white dress shirt. The skirt has to be tied with the help of suspenders to give out stunning modern retro vibes. Leave the top two or three buttons open on your dress shirt. Wear a hat over your loose hair and a dark shade of lipstick. The footwear that goes best with this outfit is leather boots. Don’t forget to flaunt your bangs from under your hat.

#4: Mini Vintage-style Prints Dress

Mini floral dresses are a stunning outfit that reflects the modern retro style and its vintage-style prints in the best way. To cover your legs, use sheer printed or dotted legging. Over your mini dress, you can wear an off-white sweater for a more modest look. Grab your hair to one side and braid them over your shoulder. Leave a flick of hair for more style. Wear high-heeled ankle boots to go with your modern retro style vintage dress. Wearing natural-looking makeup with it can make you look perfect.

#5: Vintage Pleated Printed Skirt Dress

Knee-length pleated skirts look the best with their vintage-style prints of beaches and palm trees. Pairing your printed skirt with a black fitted cardigan can give you an exotically elegant look. With this modern retro style outfit, tie your hair into a bun while leaving the front hair side-parted and tied at the back. A few flicks here and there around the face can add more aesthetics to your overall look. With this vintage dress fashion outfit, you can either wear a sandal or your favorite heels.

#6: Denim Vintage Dress Fashion

Denim has been an essential component of the fashion industry since its birth. When it comes to the modern retro vintage dress style look of the 80s, denim plays an important role in giving you the perfect cool look you have always craved for. Wearing your denim mom jeans with a white emoji shirt under an oversized denim jacket can look fabulous. Wear your tinted glasses with this outfit for more style. Roll back the sleeves of the jacket for a cool you. Don't forget to add your sneakers to your perfect look. 

#7: Palazzo Pants and Polka Dots Vintage Dress

A stunning take on the vintage dress modern retro style is the palazzo pants with polka dots shirt. Polka dots give you a retro look while the palazzo pants add a modern twist to your style, giving you a whole new modern retro style look. Style your hair into beach waves and put on red lipstick. Take out your platform heels to pair with this vintage dress outfit.

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