What is Vintage Retro Dress Fashion?

The fashion industry is expanding its boundaries day by day and incorporating within itself new trends while discarding old styles every other second. 

However, there is one vintage dress fashion that has survived the challenges of time, and we don't see it going anywhere anytime soon, either. The style that is thriving to this date is the retro style of fashion and clothing. It is super fun to wear, and really easy to carry. The most popular retro styles are from the time of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. Each of these decades comes with its own unique retro features and characteristics that define the style and trends of that age well. 

These retro styles are still trendy and look stunning on whoever wears a retro-style dress.

Scroll down to find few of the characteristics of the vintage retro dress fashion clothing of the great retro decades:

#1: Vintage Retro Dress Fashion of the 1950s

The real retro style was seen in the clothing worn by females. Most of the outfits had prominent waists, soft structure, and fresh colors. During that time, the trend was to cover the legs with stockings with the help of suspenders. The dresses were made of printed fabrics in different colors. 

Polka dots, stripes, plaids, and floral were some of the trends in the prints. Ankle-length skirts, halter sundresses, and peter pan collars were some of the styles used to form a simple dress. Poodle skirts, if not significant, are also considered a part of the retro age. Pencil skirts with sweaters or button-down shirts were also fashionable vintage dresses. Cat-eye glasses and fake fox gloves were the iconic accessories to glam up the look. Plain heels or saddle shoes were popular footwear during the 1950s

In order to complete the look, short hair was short-curled into a poodle cut, and long hair was tied into a high ponytail. For added style, curly hair was pinned for more elaborate hairstyles. For the final look, bright colored lipsticks were used, which would match the dress. Less eyeshadow and a lot of mascara was the trend. The trendy nail color at that time was cherry red.

#2: Vintage Retro Dress Fashion of the 1960s

1960 was bringing with it a lot of cultural and social change, and the trends were also being modified according to that. The decade of the 60s also gave birth to the Hippie movement, and people were adapting to the bohemian lifestyle. The trend of wearing recycled clothing was in. People were going for Indian and vintage-style prints, ethnic fashion, and vibrant colors. The patterns were mismatched to create an exact hippie look. Tie and dyed tops were worn with bell-bottom jeans. Psychedelic and paisley prints were used for the outfits. The jeans were of different colors, usually adorned with appliqued patterns or embroidery. The tops often had flowy and long bubble sleeves. Baby-doll dresses made out of chiffon and spaghetti straps were worn for a more feminine look. 

The popular footwear included flip-flops and sandals. 

Women used to wear flowers, mostly daises, instead of jewelry in their hair. Flowery headbands, gypsy scarves, and leather moccasins were popular accessories. The trendy jewelry included peach sign pendants, large rings, chain belts, silver bangles, hooped earrings, and beaded necklaces. The hair was parted down in the middle and hung over the shoulders. Wigs were also used by those who had short hair. Beehive hairstyles were also worn by many. Natural makeup was always preferred, and painted faces could be seen during events and other festivals.

#3: Vintage Retro Dress Fashion of the 1970s

In the 1970s, we could see the bohemian style of the 60s still thriving. The tops were usually fitted while the bottoms were loose. The boho look was styled by wearing a flowy top with full-length skirts. The ethnic prints were mixed and matched with earthy tones. Scarves and headbands were worn for creating the vintage dress hippie look of the 70s. Wide-legged or flared jeans with high-waists were fashionable. Embellishments and embroidery designing were used to decorate jeans. Jewelry made out of natural materials such as stones, feathers, wood, and shells were in trend.

 Huge hats and sunglasses were added to complete the look. To add to the bohemian look, moccasin boots, and leather clog or sandals were popular. Fringes were used to adorn everything from boots and bags to skirts and everything else. 

#4: Vintage Retro Dress Fashion of the 1980s

The vintage dress fashion of the 1980s had lots of styles incorporated within one another. Bright and neon-colored fabrics were used for the outfits. Women used to wear tights or miniskirts with large tops. Designer logos, shoulder pads, and laces were used to style outfits. Belts and leg warmers were used as accessories. Women wore high-waisted, slim-fitting, and acid-washed jeans, and acid-washed jean jackets were worn by men and women alike. Large, neon-colored sunglasses, stacked bangles, hoops, were in trend. Headbands and gloves were used to add to the look. Curled and crimped hairstyles were popular. 

Makeup used to be loud with neon colors and eyes were made prominent by using lots of eyeliner and mascara. Lips were left rather pale to complete the look.

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