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Are you obsessed with the retro vintage dress fashion? But can’t decide where and what of this entrancing fashion genre? Well, here’s your ultimate lead!

As they say, Fashion is about something that comes within you. So it is of utmost importance to know your inner style, which you can carry comfortably. Some like to style themselves in edgy fashion, whereas some follow a minimal and simple routine. Either way, there is always a risk of getting overdressed or underdressed. But the safest zone for style and fashion is the vintage dress fashion. One should carry vintage fashion with great ease and comfort as it offers a wide range of styles and hence, flexible choice. Moreover, there is also a great possibility to incorporate modern trends with retro fashion.

Styling involves a series of factors that you need to combine in a balanced proportion. A little less and a little more can ruin the entire look. There are a few key points that shouldn’t be ignored to carry vintage dress fashion. Some of them are discussed below to dress up in vintage style under one’s comfort zone.

· Age

If you are in total agreement with the saying that age is just a number, then you should give it a second thought when dressing up in Vintage-style prints. Not all the designs are suitable for all ages, such as polka dots are most likely to get carried by young people. Whereas, stripes and checks, are more suitable for elderly and senior members. To find the right pattern with the right design and color is the key to look stylish and chic in retro fashion.
· Event
It is a fact that a vintage dress grabs most of the attention in any event. So, it is highly advised to dress accordingly. Most of the Vintage-style prints are floral and vibrant. To match the event, one should select from a wide range of checks, stripes, polka dots, and prints. Nevertheless, solid plain colors can also do the magic by giving more space to cuts and designs. Combining plain colors with other options is also an intelligent way to look stylish in vintage dress fashion.
· Weather
Weather conditions play a significant role in selecting the right kind of garment. Vintage dress fashion has a lot to offer in this regard. The Vintage-style prints get customized according to seasonal changes. A floral summer vintage dress can be paired up with a pair of leggings to match the breezy evening. Similarly, you can wear a checkered boot cut pant with a light sleeveless top in the midsummer afternoon. This versatility of the retro-themed clothes makes them a favorite in every season all over the year.
· Personality
Your fashion taste defines your personality. Stylishly presenting yourself not only make you stand out in the crowd but also creates a pleasing impression. Vintage dress fashion is normally considered a high-end fashion. So, if you develop an eye to adopting retro fashion according to your taste, then you can surely make a difference. The easiest way to look stylish in vintage dress fashion is to blend it with your current wardrobe. A striped pant or a polka dot shirt can be paired up with jeans or a t-shirt and vice versa. It takes a little effort to dress up in vintage dress fashion, but the outcome can make personality impressive.
· Availability
The availability of Vintage-style prints and designs is also a factor in getting the desired outcome. As the fashion trends keep on changing, finding a particular pattern or design all the time is nearly impossible. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot dress up in retro fashion whenever you want. A few good buys can always keep your wardrobe equipped with retro-themed clothes and accessories. A checkered bag, polka-dotted scarf, striped shirt, wedges, or even cat-eyed shades are good enough to make the difference. So always keep your eyes open and grab the items that fit best with your most favorite vintage dress style.

Audacity – Check and Balance

As we are living in a modern age, carrying a vintage dress fashion is not a common practice. One should take reasonable precautions when planning a retro fashion attire. Suppose if you are going to a formal event, then wearing a bold polka-dotted shirt will not be a wise choice. Similarly, if you get invited to a dress-up party, then wearing just a stripped pant will not be enough. So, choosing wisely to depict the look is extremely important. Check and Balance is highly recommended when showcasing yourself in vintage dress fashion.


It is art to carry vintage dress fashion. Choosing the right kind of modish and vintage blend can make heads turn around. So be a sport and play with different Vintage-style prints to most of your stylish and chic persona.

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