1920s Daytime Dresses

The 1920s were an era of immense change, especially for women. The change in female fashion was perhaps one of the most significant changes in the 1920s.

Women had started to give immense importance to the kinds of clothes, shoes, and accessories they wore. They had different appropriate outfit choices for different kinds of occasions.

Also, hairstyles for women evolved as well. Women would choose different hairstyles depending on the latest fashion and would not care much about chopping great lengths of hair.

Day time dresses also became popular as casual dresses during this decade.

The Importance of Daytime Dresses In The 1920s

The importance of daytime dresses is directly linked to the evolving fashion choices of women and how they were feeling empowered during the 1920s.

Before this, during the 18th century and the Victorian Era, women did not have the right to make a lot of fashion choices. Many women would find it proper to wear long-sleeved, modest clothing.

They would also wear colors that were not too bright or visible. However, the 1920s changed all of that, and women could now wear different exciting styles and colors as they wished.

This is why different trends, such as one of the daytime dresses popped up during the 1920s. Women wanted to wear something comfortable during the day that would help them move around in peace.

They could do their chores, walk around easily, and even visit their neighbors and friends during the day in their day dress without having to worry about changing clothes.

Preferred Colors for Daytime Dresses In The 1920s

Day dresses for women would change color depending on the season. For example, during the summer season, pastel and creamy colors were popular.Women enjoyed wearing light blues and pinks during the day. Colors like sunset orange and light yellow were also very popular. Bright yellows and blues were also popular among women who wanted to wear something catchy during the summers.

Conversely, during winters, women liked to wear slightly darker colors. This included purple, mauve, and even black.Black used to be only associated with mourning before the 1920s. However, during the decade, women were wearing the color black for both formal and casual wear.

Popular Fabrics for Day Time Dresses In The 1920s

Popular fabrics included wool, lace, silk, and even batiste. These fabrics were common because they were loose and comfortable.

These fabrics could also be easily worn during the day and were breathable and stretchable. Also, light fabrics swayed beautifully with the woman as she would walk around. The swaying skirt made the dress look extremely attractive.

A Popular Sleeve Length for Day Time Dresses In The 1920s.

Sleeve length was another important part of day dresses in the 1920s. Most women had longer sleeves for their day dresses. This not only made the dresses look more beautiful, but also were appropriately modest for women during that time.

It is important to remember that even though women were trying out a lot of new things, most of them still wanted to appear modest — especially outdoors where everyone could see them.

Popular sleeve designs included Bell sleeves, which were comfortable and gave women the space to work freely. Other designs were loose at the ends and fitted at the shoulder on the dress.

Popular Necklines for Daytime Dresses In The 1920s.

Necklines are a feature in day dresses that have changed over the years. During the 1920s, women had a variety of types and kinds of necklines. One of the most popular ones was the scoop neckline.

Beateu was another name for the scoop neckline. It had a wide cut, which allowed women to wear the dress easily. This way, they did not have to worry about looking for buttons and adjusting them on the dress before wearing it.

Other popular necklines include the square neckline and deep V-necks. These both were extremely popular because they were slightly seductive and also added a cute touch to the day dress.

One of the most popular necklines for day dresses is Round Chelsea. This neckline is popular because it resembles a sailor's collar.
The interesting collar is paired with a round neckline, which makes the day dress look popular and pretty at the same time.

Can You Still Get Daytime Dresses?

Day time dresses are not as particularly trendy as they used to be during the 1920s. However, even though times have changed, you can still get day time dresses inspired by the 1920s even today.

All you need to do is go online and check different sites for vintage dresses inspired by the 1920s. These day time dresses will be expensive but completely worth the money!

Another thing you could do is buy some good-quality fabric and get a day time dress stitched according to your personal preference. Day time dresses are the absolute dream, and everyone should have at least one of these.

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