1930s Fashion Guide For Men, Women, And Children

When we think about the 1930s, we usually have a picture of the great depression that followed the major collapse of the economy. However, the fashion of that era has played a major role in uplifting the spirits of men, women, and even children and bringing a positive change in society. The clothing became even more gender centric, portraying the masculinity of the males and femininity of the females, no matter what age. The trends were usually inspired by the Art Deco style that became big in the late twenties that portrayed opulence, intricacy, and grandeur.

#1 Women’s Fashion:
For women’s fashion in the 1930s, it was all about feminine silhouettes, intricate patterns, and elegant fabrics like satin and silk paired with frills along with lace accents. The Bias cut was one of the major inventions of the 1930s fashion industry that allowed the designers to create a moderate body-hugging dress while still having a flare. The soft drapes and luxurious fabrics created an illusion of an opulent lifestyle that a lot of women tried to showcase in order to fight off the great depression. Women also started opting for two-legged bottoms in order to create a sense of boldness as they started working in offices alongside men. Those trousers were usually wide-legged, paired with silk or chiffon tops to still keep the touch of Hollywood Glam in their overall look.

#2 Men’s Fashion:
Men’s fashion was more inspired by the Hollywood movies, portraying rich gentlemen, and successful stars. From Structured suites to ultimate classy headgear, loose-fitted pants, and collared shirts accompanied by cigars were majorly trending back then. As the years passed, men’s wear stated lacking a business formal appearance all the while managing to maintain the glam and elegance that was shown by the Hollywood movie stars. Ties were an essential part of men’s wardrobe in the 1930s no matter if the look is formal or of rather nature. Sweaters with loose-fitted pants, usually khakis, with hair groomed to one side became the everyday look for men in the 30s.

#3 Children’s Fashion:
In the 30s, kids fashion remained rather simple like it was in the 20s. Girls, however, start sporting bias cut skirts and frocks with Mary Jane shoes. Girls developed a sense of grooming at earlier ages and styled their hair in beautiful curls. The boys followed the footsteps of elder men around them and endorsed the formal suit look for special occasions. The sailor suits were also a big trend in the 1930s among preteen boys. Calf length socks paired with formal shoes was the ultimate school look for every boy, while girls sported ankle length, frill socks with Mary Janes to school.

The fashion of the 1930s was nothing less than a royal experience for the people fighting off the great depression era. If you are planning on trying out some classy vintage fashion trends, then the 1930s is the era to focus on.

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