A Complete 1940s Fashion Guide

DES: Despite the fact that the world was immersed in a major depressive situation because of the World War II, the fashion designers worked hard to keep the 1940s fashion trends as lively as possible while still making them practical.

The decade started with the heartbreaking effects of the World War II that started a year before, in 1939. The fashion designers worked hard to keep the fashion trends as lively as possible while still making them practical considering the upsetting situation due to war. Hollywood remained to be the biggest inspiration for 1940s fashion, like the previous decade. The fashion trends of era circled around creating a more glamorous yet free appearance of the women, and masculine, flamboyant, and important appearance of men.

#1 Women’s Fashion:
Women’s fashion was more about flowy skirts and accentuated waist in the 40s. Plain fabrics started disappearing slowly and simple yet interesting prints started replacing them for everyday wear. Puffed up shoulders and lace around the hems were eminently trending during that time. Designers like Christian Dior launched the most feminine silhouettes in the history of fashion that hugged the body in all the right places while creating a sophisticated and classy aura. Hats stayed in trend like the last decade, but many forms were changed to match the current demand of the market. A fuller bust marked as a symbol of beauty in the 40s which lead several women to invest in clothing that defined their upper body in a stylish manner.

#2 Men’s Fashion:
As the World War II continued to ruin peace and prosperity throughout the world, many men had to leave their houses and become a part of the war. This created a huge impact in the clothing of men. Most men preferred utility clothing at that time that showed solidarity with their forces. A few men chose to stick to business formal clothing, however, the coats got a bit smaller and more vibrant colors started showing up in the wardrobes of men in the 40s. Long trench coats and bomber jackets also made their way into everyday men’s fashion, which was later on adopted by the women as well.

#3 Children’s Fashion:
The fashion for children has a rather moderate change in the 1940s because homeschooling started becoming a trend and casual wear started gaining popularity. Initially, the kids followed the adult’s fashion trends that were kept modest and simple for children in the 40s, but it soon transformed into something more laidback like half sleeved shirts paired with shorts and ankle-length socks. As the adults started adorning utility fashion, the kids adopted this trend pretty well as well, but due to the shortage of clothing manufacture, most kids could not afford to have the trendiest clothes around and relied on hand-me-down clothing items.

Despite the fact that the world was immersed in a major depressive situation because of the World War II, the designers kept the focus intact on bringing the life and glamour back with the help of fashion. If charm and elegance are the key factors of your personal style, then the 1940s fashion is the best option for you to try out.

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