Guide on Vintage Pencil Dresses

Vintage clothes are currently being accentuated in our modern-day clothing styles today to add a touch of retro look in our clothes. These vintage dresses once modified a little, give the right fusion between nostalgic and modern vibes. There are many styles that are associated with the early 50s, 60s, and 70s, and all of these and many decades compromise of years and years of glamorous and creative innovations in the fashion industry. Most people when inquired about the vintage styles for women generally just come up with puffy and flair skirts when in reality there was a lot going on in those decades beyond the skirts.

One such clothing piece that has dominated the vintage clothing line is pencil skirts and pencil dresses. The pencil dresses were originated from the year 1908 when Edith Hat o Berg wore it in an airplane as to not let the material of the cloth fly once they’re in air. The idea of pencil skirts was officially first brought forward by Christian Dior in the year 1954. Post World War II, there was a lot of rationing that had to be done in all fields of life and clothing wasn’t spared. Instead of making huge puffy skirts that required a lot of cloth, pencil skirts were introduced that hugged all the curves on a woman’s body and were as long as till the knees or calves.

These skirts were also famously known as the wiggle skirts because whilst wearing them there was little room for women to move hence they had to wiggle their way when walking. Similar was the case with pencil dresses as well.

There are some aspects that should be kept in mind if one is looking to make pencil dresses a part of their wardrobe.

· Fitting
The first thing to keep in mind whilst looking for pencil dresses and pencil skirts is the size. It is very important to find the perfect fit for your body when it comes to pencil dresses. The reason for this is because with other types of clothes, alteration is very easy and a pin here and there could give a refined look but that is not the case with pencil dresses. Since each and every curve of the body is outlined, it is wise to get a good fit or else there might be bulging clothing material which can spoil the entire look.

· Occasions
Next up, the trick to fashion is to always have a good understanding of when to wear what. The dilemma or over or under dressing can hugely dampen any event so it is necessary to keep in the mind the correct occasions when one can grace a pencil dress. These dresses have a very professional and feminine look so they can be easily worn to offices and for other business related or official events. 

· The right accessories
Like every other piece of clothing, it is crucial to accessorize right in order to give it the right aura. Pencil dresses have always been worn with high heels in order to bring out the curves of the body even more. It is time to forget the comfort of your flats and get those kitten heels out of the closet for the pencil dresses. It is widely known that flats shouldn’t be worn with pencil dresses and they could completely ruin the final look.  One can even wear wedges or any other type of heels so that the legs can be brought more to the attention and one can achieve a slimmer figure.

· Color
Color is also a very important aspect when it comes to pencil dresses. Color maybe a very versatile option for any other piece of clothing but when it comes to pencil dresses one should aim for subtle and darker colors. Since these are a complete outfit and you can’t add pants or any other such clothing item to it, it is necessary to get one that can give off a complete look. Colors like burgundy, magenta, black, gray and even dark greens can be worn to give off a sophisticated and elegant look.

Pencil dresses are a very elegant clothing item that has been a centre of attraction since the last 50 decades and is still adored by people. With the correct accessories, this dress can be a modest and elegant addition to your closet.

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