Top Tips for Shopping Vintage

As current fashion trends take over the wardrobe of most, there are such individuals, who have the knack to revisit history. To look different, yet fresh and out of the ordinary. Filling their cupboard with all things vintage, they combine fashion with history, exhibiting a blast from the past moment. Always keeping an eye out for affordable and quality vintage dresses, shopping vintage is their favorite past-time. 

However, vintage fashion isn’t an easily achievable feat. There is a lot of wandering through stores, rummaging through piles, and trying on clothes. Finally, you find the vintage dress you always wanted, glowing through a mound of vintage-style prints.

Pair yourself with a friend who likes shopping vintage, and embark on the vintage dress shopping spree of your dreams. Here are a few tips, to make this spree easier and effective for you:

  • Broaden your Mind (and tastes!)

If you are a true vintage-enthusiast, you are aware of the treasures you may find when going through a thrift store. From shirts to turtlenecks to flapper dresses to body-hugging silk vintage dresses, all lines the stands waiting to be bought and adored.

Everybody has a specific taste, however, the first thing you should do whilst entering a vintage shop, is to have an open mind. To be willing to try anything and everything that suits you. Never enter thinking to buy a single sweater, because you might miss out on the best vintage-style printed dress you could ever find. Scavenge through the store, and leave with the best find of the day, and your heart fulfilled to the brim.

  • Opt for a Fusion of Vintage and Modern

Although you have gone to shop vintage, know the notion less is more. Alongside upholding vintage dress fashion, it is imperative to appear trendy too. Dressed in vintage from top to bottom may aware over-the-top, and a tad like you are an attendant to a costume party. Instead, represent the past with a modern twist. When going to shop, get the perfect sweater vintage dress of the 1960s, and pair it up with currently chunky jewelry and boots. A past-present fusion – what can be better? 

  • Be Vary of Sizes

Vintage shopping is never easy to do online due to the differing sizes of the past. For instance, if you are a current size 8, you will fit into a ‘80s size 10, ‘70s size 12, and a size 14 of the ‘50s! 

This means, be sure to try out whatever you pick, and do not fear the size tag – perhaps the only time we can say this (sigh!).

  • Choose What Speaks YOU

Remember vintage shopping is less different to regular shopping than people have made it out to be. Thus do not opt for a fashion trend of an era you feel is not your type. For some, the flapper dresses of the Roaring 20s may not be their cup of tea. For others, some vintage style-prints may not suit their body figure.

In such cases, it is better to choose the era, and the fashion style which speaks to you, of you. Go for bold prints if you are the bubbly, joyous kind. Go for pastel shades of the past, if subtle is what you want. Do not choose on a vintage dress or style, simply because the theme was a specific era. Remember, your clothes represent you, and should be a mirror image of you. 

  • Do not be Brand-Conscious

When looking for vintage dress fashion, know that seldom do brands matter. The best vintage dresses can often be found in thrift stores, and street lining kiosks. Yes donning an Armani label is another feel in itself. However, fall in love with vintage clothing for itself, not for the label. Love the print, the fabric, the style, and the era it represents. For if you love what you wear, no matter where it’s from – you are bound to look a million bucks.

  • Vary Second-Hand Remnants

With vintage clothing comes the idea of wear and tear – for thrift stores usually have second-hand clothing. The idea of used clothing should not upset you, for this is the art of vintage, of pre-loved fashion. However, as you purchase, be vary of the extent of wear and tear. A single missing button may be easily replaced and sewn. However, stains, sweat marks, broken zips, and torn hemlines seldom find their way back to how they were earlier. A bit of snip and tuck in vintage clothing is usual, however if the required amendments are many, you may be better off with another vintage dress instead.

As you leave for your vintage shopping spree, be equipped with all these factors, and be ready to put your bargaining skills to use in case you are going to thrift stores. Enter with a smile, look for your heart’s desire, and in case you don’t find a vintage dress at that moment, ask them when they get their new stock in.

Get, set, shop!

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