Vintage White Party dresses

In current times people are always looking for new styles and new fashions trends to incorporate into their wardrobes. But more than often, it is the vintage styles that get picked up from the past decades and are somehow fashioned, modified and brought back to this decade. These vintage styles are not at all ancient as one might think of and are equally unique and glamorous with various different changes occurring by the passage of time. These changes mostly occurred as one decade passed away and soon as people stepped foot in a new decade, new fashion trends emerged.

A great example of the ever changing trend can be taken from the twenties when flappers and mid knee dresses were the talk of the town.  Accompanied with kitten heels, these dresses were worn by every lady during the 20s. But as soon as the 30s came, the old flappers were chucked out of the window and in came the long, slim, full sleeved dresses. These dresses were almost as long as till the toes and would touch the ground if worn with flats.

There has been various types of dresses include cocktail dresses, flappers, dresses with short sleeves, long sleeves and even strapless ones s time passed.

One thing that really makes a dress stand out from the crowd is the color if it. The design and the sequins on the dress come later on as further inspection is done on the intricate details but the first thing that catches the viewers eye is the color of the dress. The one color that is ever green and can never get out of fashion is white. Worn by brides initially, and associated with angels and naivety, this is one color that speaks volumes of the elegance and sophistication of the person wearing it.

There are various kinds of vintage party dresses some of which are mentioned below:

1. Lace dresses

The lace and net vintage dresses are the most elegant ones. With nothing much done on the fabric, these dresses are just adorned with a lot of lace or are sometimes entirely made up of net with lining underneath. Accessorized with a belt near the waist, or bow attached in one corner, these were the most low maintenance and simple dresses that can still be worn today.
These dresses would also sometimes be just made up of plain white fabric and would have a little lace incorporated in either the neckline or the sleeves. 

2. Floral dresses

Another type of dresses famously worn in the olden times, especially in the 50s are the floral dresses. 50s were famous for bring floral prints under the spotlight so it would be unwise to address vintage dresses and not mention these floral prints. With white as the base of the dress, there would usually be large floral print design all over the dress. These flowers were mostly of vibrant colors which bring an element of joy and playfulness in the dresses. These dresses used to be perfect for barbeque lunches and day time events.

3. Flair dresses

Going back to the 50s and the 60s, dresses with flair were a huge attraction. Since corsets were pretty common back then, women would wear large dresses that would hug the curves near the waist and then flair out from right below the waist giving a look fit for a princess. These dresses would usually come in various colors but the white ones specially stood one because of the simplicity. 

4. Polka dot dresses

Another vintage fashion trend that is often brought back by people today for costume and theme parties are the polka dot dresses. These dresses would specially have white color as their main feature because more than often the base of these polka dot trends was white as well. The dots used to be of either black or red color. 

5. Silk dresses

White is often associated with beauty and elegance. In order to bring more of that beauty out, during the 40s and 50s, silk was used as a fabric for long dresses. This was not just limited for cocktail dresses but often wedding dresses would also be made out of silk to give them an aura of glamour while keeping it sophisticated.. Women would wear white silk elbow long gloves and red lipstick to add more color and vibrancy to the entire look. 

6. Pencil dresses

Lastly, one major style that was initiated back in the 50s and is still worn by people all over the world I that of the pencil dresses. These dresses are the epitome of elegance. These pencil dresses would be fitted and would look great on hourglass figures. These dresses are still worn by women in professional and business setting since they give a formal look. 

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